Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dissertation?

I was always cynical when past students described their third year as being stressful. I always thought they were being dramatic, trying to scare first year and second year students of what lay ahead of them. But now, I take back every remark I have ever made, every doubt I ever had to someone’s dark tale of their third year hell.

Fairy tales are true kids, but the big bad wolf is simply a 10,000 word dissertation.

If I could have my time at University again, I would spend my first year continually drunk. I would eat as much dominos as I could afford, drink as much tequila as humanly possible, and dance until the sun rose. The student lifestyle is crazy, and trust me, most rumours you hear are true. But it is only like that until you hit your final term in your final year.

I have been sober for almost a month now (proved my sceptics wrong!); I have not danced in a club since my last night out in December; and I have not eaten a KFC mega box since I don’t know when! Instead, my life revolves around eating, sleeping, the library, and my dissertation.

I now try and go to sleep as early as possible. When during the first year 12:30am was an early night, I now freak out if I am not in bed with a hot water bottle and sensible pyjamas by 10:30pm. This month back at University has aged me about 40 years.

Although the third year is full on, like a bad smell you can’t get away from, it is exciting. In less than 6 months I will be officially thrown into the real world. A world I have been avoiding for 3 years. It makes me wonder what I have ahead of me.

Life is always going to be full of stress and there will be occasions when you want to run away and avoid it all, but it is this stress which makes life, life. We can’t run away from it, but we can’t let it consume us. No student should let exam and essay stress ruin the excitement for the future, or the fun of a once in a lifetime experience.

I imagine the end of my university experience like walking into a fairy tale forest. Who knows what will happen on my way through?

Welcome 2015

Well, here it is.

A New Year, a new beginning, and a new list of resolutions to break.

My welcoming of 2015 was just crazy. It involved a whole load of champagne, falling into a band, and boxes of Cornish pasties…and I am just praying that this isn’t a sign of what is to come.

After this mental night out (and a painful hangover the next day) I have decided to have an alcohol free January. No alcoholic beverage will pass my lips for one entire month. I have heard the cynic’s whisper, all of them betting failure, but I am determined to go through with this, I am determined to prove them wrong!

To be fair, I think this could be a major benefit to me. The next few months are going to be so hectic, full of dissertations, essays, volunteering and everything else that comes with university life. All I have done this Christmas is indulge on food and drink, then sleep an average of 14 hours a day. I never thought I would say it, but I am looking forward to having university assignments again.

I can’t believe I just said that…

I take it back.

A new year, in my opinion, always fills people with some sort of hope, as it is a chance for them to start again and to forget the pain and failures of the past. My 2015 resolutions all involve taking on new challenges and embracing the changes that this year will bring with an unbroken determination. I refuse to let stress erase all my hard work and fear prevent me from chasing the sun.

The only reason we get scared is because of the past; we get scared that we’ll make the same mistakes and suffer the same heartbreak. But remember that you survived that mistake, learnt from it and moved on, and if you think about it, the future is quite exciting. It is full of possibilities.

All I have is 6 months of university left, I might as well put all I have into these last few months and then I can eat, sleep, and drink all I want in the summer.

So for now forget the shots, someone pass me a lemonade.