The Tortoise, the Hare, and the Student


I have never been competitive.

Most of the time I just don’t care, but recently I have been reminded of the cruel reality of university and the factor they don’t include in the prospectus; university is a competition.

I looked around my lecture the other week and realised that I am technically in competition with my classmates for a job; for a career; for an opportunity; and believe me the tension is growing.  Grade discussion is a no go, and don’t even think about bringing up the dissertation…unless you want your head ripped off because you are hundred words ahead of the person next to you.

think I’m susceptible to competitive people. I have met so many individuals in my life who just wake up in the morning with the aim to put you down; they get high of highlighting other people’s flaws and inabilities, and believe me, they are everywhere.

Without sounding like Taylor Swift, you literally do have to shake it off. The lyrics “haters gonna hate” is so true it is ridiculous, and I vote that it should be publicised everywhere for everyone who is experiencing a hater, or is stuck in a race.

People who put other people down are just insecure themselves; they mask their anxiety by a mirror of arrogance, but eventually the cracks start to show. Students should be cheering their friends and classmates on, not throwing rocks at them. So what if they got a 2.1 and you got a 2.2? Who cares if they can spell and define antidisestablishmentarianism? Are you really going to stress over someone else’s life?

No. No, you’re not.

Don’t let someone’s opinion change you, be the creator of your own fate, and follow the path that you want explore. Do yourself a favour and detach from the competitiveness, because in the long run it will only slow you down.  As a third year student you don’t have time to think, let alone join a race; so let them all run. Truth is you will all make it to the finish line eventually, just depends if you want to make it there laughing, or a crying mess.


Remember, It’s only a competition, if you enter the race.