University is a strange place.

When you leave home you are convinced that you know it all, that you are leaving because people don’t know anything and they just don’t understand. But now I’m leaving (in less than three weeks) I have realised that I knew nothing when I left my little village three years ago, I was young and naive and believed that I could take on the world.

I knew university would teach me things, but I assumed it would be how to reference correctly and what Freud really meant, little did I know that university would teach me about who I am and what kind of person I want to be. After three years of university I cannot tell you thing about a philosopher or if the cat is really on the mat, but I can tell you who I am.

University has been a rollercoaster for me. I’ve gained friends, I’ve lost friends, I’ve been hypnotised, and I’ve had my heartbroken, but…

I now know what I will and won’t take from people.

I now know what I look for in someone and what I don’t want.

I now know what true friends look like and what fake friends appear as.

I now know when to voice my opinion and when to shut up.

I now have an idea of how I want my life to be, and I now have the motivation to go and get it.

When you come to university you are own your own, you can’t hide behind anybody; you have to stand on your own two feet and fight your own battles. So you do learn who you really are and what kind of person you want to be.

University has given my opportunities which I never thought would happen and have now opened doors for my future. University has allowed me to meet people that I had only ever dreamed about meeting and has allowed to make friendships that I know will last through the years. University showed me a life that I never knew before and has opened my eyes to what I want for the future.

I can’t lie, there have been times when I have hated university and was counting down the days till I could go home, but now my experience is almost over, I am heartbroken. I doubt I will ever again have the freedom that I have had over the past three years, and I doubt that I will ever have this carelessness again.

So to all university students, enjoy this experience! Take every opportunity given to you and embrace the person that you want to be, it goes by in a blink of an eye until suddenly you are facing the real world. Don’t leave having regrets, leave having unbreakable memories and a new perspective on life.

Safe and Sound

This perhaps will be one of my more serious and controversial blog posts, but I feel that it is something all students should be aware about; safety. 

Student areas are never in the nicest of places (unless you find a good one) and my student house is located on a particularly rough neighbourhood. Rarely do I venture out in the dark alone, and if I do, I will honestly run the whole way; even though I know I shouldn’t be alone. But recently, there was a sexual crime committed on my street, and it has reminded me that the world is not always as friendly I believe it is.

When you venture to university and move into your own room or flat, you instantly feel like an adult. You forget the past rules of your parents like “don’t talk to strangers” and brave walking home on your own because you are in “a busy city”; but please, don’t be fooled. The warnings constantly preached to you throughout your youth are still very real, and it doesn’t matter how old you are or even what gender, anyone can become a victim.

This is not me trying to frighten you out of university or living on your own, this is me simply trying to encourage student safety. University is truly an amazing place, but like anywhere there are dangers, and it is always best to be aware of them.

Never walk home alone; always tell somebody where you are; and don’t assume that because you have hit 18 suddenly you can take on the world. 

Just put it all in perspective:  £10 on a taxi really isn’t a lot when you remember the potential danger of walking home alone; one night stands may be fun but it is always best to tell your friends where you are going; and you might be an adult now, but don’t forget to phone home to let them know your okay. 

So to all my fellow students, university will be an incredible experience for you all, but please, just remember to be safe.