Next Chapter

So 2015 is almost at an end and I must admit it has been a pretty good year.

Every year since I was in school I have seen people upload pictures of their graduations and watched the same scene in films of all college students tossing their mortars into the air in celebration of their achievement. As a young child I had always wanted to go to university and I had dreamt of my graduation ever since I left home three years ago. Now the day has been and gone, and it was everything I imagined.

Although I have to be honest it was long, a little boring, and my hands were sore for clapping for every person that went on stage it was still an amazing day. I was so nervous to get up on that stage, I felt sick at the thought of tripping over or falling down the steps, it was like first day of school all over again.  The only thing that I truly can recall without fail was how I felt walking across that stage, even now I feel emotional at the thought of it. In between all the nerves and anxiety I had about tripping over, I felt this immense amount of pride in myself. I thought about all the hard work, the sweat, the tears and everything that it took to get to this moment and I felt so, so, so proud of myself. It was an elation that stayed with me all day and only left the day after because a hangover took over.

Going back to Cheltenham and seeing all my old roommates and friends was like a dream, it went by so fast that it was quite sad to wake up in reality again when I went home. But yesterday the graduation photos arrived, and the pride came back as I saw myself in the typical graduation pose, certificate and all.


2015 has been a pretty good year, I honestly cannot complain:

I graduated from university.

Started a new family business.

Gained a place on a Masters course.

And my blog got a little bit bigger…just a little.


I am ready for the new beginnings, the new opportunities, and the new aspirations that 2016 will bring. I am ready for a new year. 2015, it has been a pleasure.