So, Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

I had to wait 10 minutes the other day for a man to catch his chicken that was running across the road; it was like a scene from a bad joke.

For once I didn’t actually mind sitting in that car and waiting; without a job I haven’t got much else to do and the poor man chasing his chicken was pleasant entertainment. For days I have sent out application forms and CV to places looking for work, something of which I haven’t done much of before.

The stress of it. The nerves of writing why you are the most amazing employee and the impatience of waiting for an answer was horrible, especially when the outcome is an incredibly rude phone call. Let’s hope these end well, I can’t take anymore of sitting in the house all day doing nothing.


The first lesson that I have learnt this New Year is that being a graduate absolutely SUCKS.  Being an adult is not based on age but rather on the maturity to accept the realities of life, especially in relation to money.  It is heartbreaking when things you want don’t work out or when they simply are going to take longer than you thought. If you are in this situation, just like I am, then please don’t think of it as a failure simply think of it as a ‘Pit Stop’.

There are so many options after university, to the point where it becomes overwhelming. Everyone you know is looking at you to make a decision and to make the right one, which just adds unwanted pressure. It is okay to take a pit stop and think through your options thoroughly, it is your life after all, and I suppose it is best to be patient and just let things happen the way they are meant to.

After three years of university and six months living at home it has taken till now for someone to give me the most honest statement I have heard in a long while; “You think university is going to be this great thing that will give you everything, but the truth is you have to get it yourself”.


So, why did the chicken cross the road?