In my first year of primary school, I can remember an alphabet book series that was based around the first letter of name, ‘Lovely Lucy’ for example or ‘Happy Harry’ and every time it was someone’s birthday their book was read out. Mine was ‘Bossy Bethany’ and I will never forget the hatred I had for this bloody book, because I hate the word ‘bossy’.  For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about this book and the word bossy.

In accordance to the internet ‘bossy’ has been defined as a domineering person who is fond of giving orders. No wonder I hate the word so much, it’s quite harsh.

When I think of bossy I never think of a man, I instantly think of a woman, and as a proud feminist I feel bad to admit it. When given some form of power why is a woman known as ‘bossy’ and a man in the same position is seen as ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’, I just don’t understand it.

I have suddenly become obsessed with this word bossy, especially of late. As much as I hate the word I am fully aware I have bossy personality. I like things done to a certain way and I really like to work; it pumps some sort of adrenaline into me when I accomplish something, whether that be as a waitress or as a student. So instead of bossy, I am going to change the word to determined.

Since leaving university – almost now an entire year ago now – this determined part of me has really kicked in; I have realized that no one is going to make the future happen for me, especially what I want from it.  Everyone says that the young are blessed with the future and that the world is our oyster, and it is…but only if we try to make the most of it.  It is only us that is going to be affected.

Leaving university is really upsetting and it is a massive reality shock (especially if you moved back home) but there is only so long you can stay in that funk before you forget that life does go on and there are more exciting things to come.

So let’s not hate the bossy person, let’s love the determined one.