Blue Moon


We are all completely and utterly consumed by it.

From the moment we are born we are on a countdown to our final breath, desperately trying to fill our days with memories and adventures so we can claim that we ‘lived with no regrets’. Yet, even though most of us make ourselves a bucket list and dream of adventures beyond the sunrise, we let ourselves be dictated by the notion of timing.

Each of us has an opinion on timing and people are quick to offer theirs whether it is relation to career paths or decisions of the heart. You hear people judge others for their choices because apparently it is not the right time to change your job or it is too soon to fall in love.

I turned twenty- two the other day *que Taylor Swift* and as I blew out my birthday candles I thought about timing. Everyone keeps telling me how young I am and how I have my whole life ahead me, and although I do agree wholeheartedly I can’t help but admit that this is not where I thought I would be at twenty-two. This time last year when I turned twenty- one my life was different, on a different path with different dreams.  Things that took years to build took only a matter of weeks to collapse and choices that I was assured had good timing shattered in front of my eyes.

Once all the smoke had cleared I realized that in life, timing means jack shit.

You can’t time when it is best to move on or when it is the appropriate time to kiss someone. I realize sometimes you have to simply shut your eyes and step off the edge, free fall for a while. The more time you spend listening to the views of others (especially when they are all pessimistic) the more you will doubt your own ability to make an independent decision.  Those that spend their time trying to drag you down are normally so jealous they can’t see straight, like horse in blinkers they direct their sole attention to breaking your happiness.

Note to self: It only works if you let them in.

Timing can’t save any us from a heartache or disappointment, so why do we let it run our lives. Go on, throw away the clock and start ignoring the opinions of others. If you want to kiss someone kiss them, if you want to leave then pack a suitcase and go, just let time cease for a while and get lost in the moment.


You never know, strange things happen once in a blue moon.