A Waiting Game


Sometimes in life there is a period of waiting.  We wait for pay day, for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, a promotion, for summer, and sometimes we wait for a homecoming. Long distance relationships are really hard, even in today’s world with technology and instant messaging there is no escaping the sadness of missing someone.

When you are in a long distance relationship you are continually waiting; you are waiting for a phone call or a skype, you are waiting for a love letter in the post or a bunch of flowers on the doorstep. You wait for them to come home and then wait for them to leave again.

We wait hours, days, weeks, and even months to hear that knock at the door and those footsteps up the stairs. We watch the clock tick by and cross the days off the calendar for that moment you see them again because no matter how long you wait you know it will all be worth it.

You never realise until you are in this kind of relationship the effort behind waiting and how great the quality of patience really is in someone. It is an effort to not send shitty messages when someone doesn’t reply to you fast enough and it’s an effort not to go into a mood because someone has to work on a weekend that you were meant to meet. It is an effort to not cry on a phone call because the sound of their voice makes you miss them all the more. It’s an effort to not feel lonely when you wake up and they aren’t lying next to you in bed

But it is the effort you put in which makes the relationship work, sparks can only take you so far in love…and in life.

I can’t even give advice on how to make a long distance relationship work because I am literally trying to figure it out myself, but the way I see it nothing in life is ever easy and most things have a catch to them, love is no exception. You meet someone and they are everything you ever wanted but you can’t have them all the time, that’s the deal, that’s the way of the universe…

If you choose a long distance relationship the best advice I can attempt to give is to just try and get on with it; ignore the insecurities, avoid jealousy the best you can, communication is key, and trust is everything.


In the end we hope it will all be worth it, until then we sit pretty and patient waiting for our hearts to come home.

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