Thank God I Got Fired

They say good things happen to good people. They also say bad things happen to bad people. They never say though that bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people; it’s an injustice we all accept.  Someone once told me that injustice is everywhere in the world, on large scales such as famine and war but also in the small mundane events of everyday life.  Now he was a religious man, preaching that a higher being – God if you will – will serve karma always, whether it be in this life or the afterlife. “But there’s a secret” he said, “you might not be able to control injustice, but emotionally and spiritually you can just let the injustice go, when the time is right of course.”

Easy. Absolutely easy. Take a deep breath, let the Frozen soundtrack fill the room, exhale, and then just let it go…

Hint: it really isn’t that easy. When bad things happen to us we cling to the pain, to the embarrassment, to the injustice, until the wound becomes infected and bitterness seeps into our blood stream and we become just another negative person in the universe.   I watched a video today of the actress Lisa Kudrow speaking at a graduation ceremony of all the things she was grateful for, and they weren’t blessings or lucky times, she was grateful for all the times when things didn’t work out and luck was not on her side. She was grateful for the time she got fired from SNL because if she hadn’t she would never have been cast for Friends, or the time she was alone and single and flirted with someone she dubbed ‘out of her league’ because she had nothing left to lose; that man became her husband and they have been married for over 22 years.  After I watched this video I thought about where I am in my life now and I thought about all the bad things that had gotten me here, and how truly grateful I am for all those bittersweet blessings.

Thank god for the time I ran out of money and was forced to take a job as a barista in Costa, it led me to making some good friends and taught me that in life hard work is everything. This bittersweet blessing led me to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of and I was promoted from Barista to Store Manager in exactly one year and one week.

Thank god that my Masters was postponed and thank god for the tears of disappointment and the days of boredom. That time delay that I thought was imprisoning me, gave me room to breathe, to take a step back and thoroughly think about what I wanted from life.

Thank god for all the sleepless nights because my mind was riddled with anxiety over stupid fights and declined phone calls. This unknown blessing taught me to pick my battles and to think carefully about who/what is worth fighting for.

And praise the lord for the girl in Brighton who messaged me over Instagram; for the countless screen shots she sent, the sins she confessed to, the mist in front of my eyes she finally helped clear. This is the heart-breaking blessing I am most grateful for; I am so blessed for all those in my past who lied, and cheated, and generally just did bad things, so when a good one came along in my future he would glow in the darkness.


Good things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. Things happen all the time; blessings, heartbreak, happiness, and injustice; it takes time to let these things go and to be grateful for the pain. It’s like that shit people put on their living room walls about dancing in rain storms or something, we can all get through the bad stuff.

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